Shipa v1.0.1 Release

Shipa version 1.0.1 has been released and includes the following changes/fixes:

SHIPA-243ImprovementWhen deleting a service, the application created by it is also deleted
SHIPA-307New FeatureAdjust Shipa certificates to ensure it supports Containerd
SHIPA-309New FeatureAdjust Shipa monitoring to support Containerd
SHIPA-403FixFix the shipa app-deploy-rollback-update for Kubernetes workloads
SHIPA-409ImprovementAuto refresh of Application monitoring details
SHIPA-410ImprovementReplace Geo charts with new React library
SHIPA-308New FeatureAdjust image building process to support Containerd
SHIPA-374ImprovementAdjust the shipa target-remove command to automatically remove HTTPS certificate
SHIPA-379FixFix the shipa app-shell command to handle certificates properly