Shipa v1.1 Release

SHIPA-189New FeatureNow users can run pool-add and pool-update directly from their CI pipeline through Shipa's CI component
SHIPA-190New FeatureNow users can run app-move directly from their CI pipeline through Shipa's CI component
SHIPA-191ImprovementWhen apps are deployed through Shipa, a label is added to every app, making it easier to identify or group applications by team owner
SHIPA-212ImprovementShipa's connections to external services are now protected end to end
SHIPA-322ImprovementA new cluster details page is now available with improved options when it comes to external integrations
SHIPA-330New FeatureVolumes and volume plans can now be created and managed directly from Shipa's dashboard
SHIPA-361ImprovementImproved the way applications are created when using Shipa's dashboard
SHIPA-369ImprovementImproved the way pools are managed when using Shipa's dashboard
SHIPA-388New FeatureNow users can control application network policy directly from Shipa's dashboard
SHIPA-414ImprovementUsers can now add and remove application cname using Shipa's dashboard
SHIPA-417ImprovementThe Shipa API target page available through the API URL has been redesigned
SHIPA-488Bug FixFixed bug that prevented users from connecting Google PostgreSQL services to Shipa
SHIPA-410ImprovementImproved Geo charts by using a new library