Shipa v1.2.1 Release

Release Date: Feb 2021

We are pleased to present Shipa 1.2.1 minor release.

New Features & Enhancements

This release adds improvements related to the following components and concepts.

  • Shipa API Enhancements
  • Shipa Framework

Shipa’s API

Standardize Shipa’s API
Shipa’s API has some inconsistency and requires standardization. On this version, users will benefit from a proper REST API with consistent versioning, error reporting, etc.

Shipa Framework

Shipa's Pool is now called Framework
The value proposition of Shipa has to be as much as intuitive as possible. To be more meaningful to the user, Shipa pool and its components have been renamed to Framework.
To know more about, visit Shipa Frameworks

Resolved Issues

Ingress Controler

  • Shipa-909 - App move command breaks an application if the source and destination pools have different ingress controller
  • Shipa-941 Fix Nginx "413 Request Entity Too Large" for binary deployments
  • Shipa-894 Transactions are not visible for an app using the Istio ingress controller

Role-Based Access Control

  • Shipa-919 As a user, I should get a list of missing permission when I invoke unauthorized operation in shipa
  • Shipa-940 Fix RBAC permission for Nginx ingress [helm chart]
  • Shipa-859 User with AllowAllOrg permission can't add new users to the organization
  • Shipa-916 shipa CLI should report an error if more than one team or pool specified during 'app create.'

Shipa API

  • Shipa-932 - API version is passed but not used inside RegisterHandler function of Shipa
  • Shipa-782 - Mask private ENVs values on the REST API
  • Shipa-1038 Issue showing service instances

App Management

  • Shipa-982 Internal DNS communication between apps not working across pools


  • Shipa-997 Internal DNS communication between apps not working across pools
  • Shipa-931 Multi org resources being visible across multiple organizations
  • Shipa-1015 Authentication to docker fails when image build on the cluster in another Org
  • Shipa-1061 Migration is replacing existing value

Shipa Framework

  • Shipa-1017 [Bug] BusyBody fails after changing env from SHIPA_POOL to SHIPA_FRAMEWORK
  • Shipa-1054 Shipa apps don't work after pool -> framework renaming
  • Shipa-1070 Provisioner listed in shipa framework-add help text is incorrect
  • Shipa-1071 Mismatch between pool and framework when creating a node
  • Shipa-1103 --fw flag should be -fw

Cluster Management

  • Shipa-1065 App units not showing up on maps when in IBM clusters
  • Shipa-1079 Incorrect URL validation on add cluster
  • Shipa-1083 BUG] Create/Update Cluster 4th step Namespace labels error bug
  • Shipa-1105 Can't use DNS name of ingress controllers on cluster add screen
  • Shipa-1117 Problem creating a Shipa node


  • Shipa-1076 App Security Summary does not show the latest scan
  • Shipa-1077 Mismatch in Vulnerabilities details when CVEs are ignored

Shipa UI

  • Shipa-1078 ConfigMap should not be enabled for apps with Shipa provisioner
  • Shipa-1119 Dashboard doesn't show node metadata


  • Shipa-1089 Application deployed on a shipa node does not honor port specified by the application
  • Shipa-1106 Go sample fails to deploy
  • Shipa-1110 App with vault annotations fails to deploy on shipa 1.2.1-rc-2
  • Shipa-1123 Deploying docker image to shipa node fails on 1.2.1 rc-3


  • Shipa-1122 gRPC Buildkitd failed connection error installing or upgrading Shipa
  • Shipa-1124 shipa 1.2.1 rc-3 installation fails on EKS

Known Behavior

This section lists known limitations with this release.

  • Shipa-1151 Error connecting cluster when shipa-system-team is selected
  • Shipa-1162 Fix Helm warning during Shipa install
  • Shipa-1139 Issue adding GKE Autopilot cluster