Shipa v1.3.2 Release

Release Date: August 26th, 2021

We are pleased to present Shipa 1.3.2 release.

New Features & Enhancements

This release brings several improvements and new functionalities related to the following components:




Users can deploy applications from source using Cloud Native Buildpacks


Application deployment using image is improved. Now Shipa deploys user provided docker image without creating a new image and without using it's internal docker registry


Users can customize application during deploying application using docker image by passing shipa.yaml file. This should allow customizations such as routing, secret injection etc.

Resolved Issues

  • SHIPA-1814 volume plan list only returns latest plan not list of all volume plans

  • SHIPA-1805 K8s objects not showing up in app map for shipa managed apps

  • SHIPA-1768 shipa-team apps dont show in app list

  • SHIPA-1760 New framework creation with network policy fails

  • SHIPA-1741 GET /events/ API returns 204 instead of 200 with empty array and causes dashboard failure

  • SHIPA-1729 App creation on Shipa node very slow

  • SHIPA-1693 [Security] Fix recent security issues from go dependencies in Shipa

  • SHIPA-1684 helm install failing for self hosted

  • SHIPA-1642 Azure SAML metadata doesn't use registered CNAME

  • SHIPA-1639 restart and stop actions for apps do not work from dashbooard

  • SHIPA-1635 volume from an org appears in another org with same framework name

  • SHIPA-1618 Running apps are showing wrong status

  • SHIPA-1617 Can't deploy apps to previously connected cluster

  • SHIPA-1613 App actions (start, stop, deactivate...) do not work

  • SHIPA-1520 shipa app log doesn't show application generated logs

  • SHIPA-1519 Can't set env variable with "." in variable name

  • SHIPA-1506 Minimum image fails to deploy to shipa nodes

  • SHIPA-1501 Network policies are not being applied on AKS

  • SHIPA-1248 /apps/{appName}/deploy method to return an error response if deployment has failed

  • SHIPA-1237 Long App name problem for "shipa node" apps

  • SHIPA-927 App deploy from .tar file on API /deploy produces silent error

  • SHIPA-1565 [Stretch] Switch between deployment process for existing app

  • SHIPA-1564 Ensure Procfile and shipa.yaml work with images built with buildpack

  • SHIPA-1563 Add commands to set, list and remove external builders

  • SHIPA-1562 Remove support for Shipa Platforms commands from Shipa

  • SHIPA-1561 CLI: Add commands Deploy from source using Buildpack

  • SHIPA-1488 make clair to work with public registries

  • SHIPA-1348 Add captcha or anti-spam mechanism to registration to avoid DoS

  • SHIPA-1519 Env variable key name to allow all legal characters

  • Kubernetes objects map shouldn't show empty groups