We are pleased to present Shipa 1.4.0 release.

New Features & Enhancements

This release brings several improvements and new functionalities related to the following components:



New Feature

Application auto-discovery: Now Shipa can discovery your existing application that are not managed by shipa


Improved application deployment using dashboard: Application deployment from dashboard now includes canary deployment, customize application port and extend deployment using shipa.yaml


Improved and simplified Framework wizard: You can create framework with minimal steps using Basic flow or use Advance flow to configure framework with all available options


Improved Dashboard page loading

Resolved Issues

  • SHIPA-1911 Org admin can't see node details of clusters added by other users in the org

  • SHIPA-1806 Auto discovered apps not showing all k8s objects in app map

  • SHIPA-1798 Application map not showing K8s objects

  • SHIPA-1794 Auto-discovered apps from removed framework continues to show

  • SHIPA-1769 Auto discovered app from deployment doesn't show running pods as app units

  • SHIPA-1767 New connected cluster with framework having app autodiscovery config doesn't discover apps

  • SHIPA-1766 Auto discovered apps shouldn't be allowed to be deleted

  • SHIPA-1765 auto discovered app info doesn't show correct info

  • SHIPA-1752 Can't get app auto discovery to work

  • SHIPA-1695 Updating framework with app discovery results in error

  • SHIPA-1694 App autodiscovery name template validation

  • SHIPA-1614 Fix metadata title of k8 objects and add test to the index - K8 Map

  • SHIPA-1919 Provide ways by which users can troubleshoot app autodiscovery

  • SHIPA-1867 Remove Shipa docker registry

  • SHIPA-1817 Show volumes mounted by auto-discovered apps

  • SHIPA-1812 Avoid naming errors on app auto-discovery by trimming exceeding /unsupported chars

  • SHIPA-1811 Update framework CLI to use new schema for auto-discovered apps

  • SHIPA-1810 Update the app info page to hide nonexistent sections

  • SHIPA-1809 Update object map to auto expand width of pods

  • SHIPA-1808 Update framework auto discovery logic to simplify step

  • SHIPA-1774 Show app auto-discovery on framework modal based on ENV

  • SHIPA-1559 Generate a token for image-controller to perform security checks

  • SHIPA-1558 Come up with better value for defaultResyncTimeInterval for AutoDiscoveredApps

  • SHIPA-1557 Update framework modal to include apps Autodiscovery config

  • SHIPA-1556 Disable UI actions/controls unsupported on imported apps

  • SHIPA-1555 Update App List/App Info to display imported apps

  • SHIPA-1554 Adapt Object Map shown in the dashboard to new API

  • SHIPA-1553 Design UI/UX mockups related to Autodiscovery

  • SHIPA-1552 Improve reliability when AutoDIscoveredCRD has been removed from cluster and shipa fails to remove corresponding app

  • SHIPA-1539 Application's kubernetes secret doesn't have shipa.io/app-name label

  • SHIPA-1504 Add validation that k8s namespace is not shared by different frameworks

  • SHIPA-1389 shipa app-info command to support auto-discovered APPs

  • SHIPA-1388 API /app/info to return information about auto-discovered APPs

  • SHIPA-1387 API methods to return an error if a method doesn't support auto-discovered APPs

  • SHIPA-1386 Kubernetes application map to return all possible k8s resources

  • SHIPA-1385 Extend image-controller with a CRD containing an app summary

  • SHIPA-1384 Add appAutodiscovery parameters to a framework yaml