We are pleased to present Shipa 1.5.2 release.

New Features & Enhancements

This release brings several improvements and new functionalities related to the following components:

New FeatureNginx ingress (Default ingress) support
New FeatureZero state to guide users onboard on Shipa
EnhancementImproved cluster connection with support for Traefik (2.x)
EnhancementAllow uses of external postgressfor security scan

Resolved Issues


SHIPA-2071 Shipa Dashboard should allow creating clusters with nginx ingress controller

SHIPA-2070 Nginx ingress controller support with Shipa CLI

SHIPA-2067 Enable App discovery for Free version

SHIPA-2066 Ketch to monitor deployment better

SHIPA-2013 Add https redirect in ketch ingress controllers

SHIPA-2001 Enable nginx ingress controller inside shipa through ketch provisioner

SHIPA-1990 Shipa to listen to ketch app deploy events

SHIPA-1989 Ketch to emit app deploy status events

SHIPA-1979 API to provide consistent subscription entitlement for self-hosted and cloud


Fix to display discovered apps without associated unit

SHIPA-2284 Dashboard doesn't show vulnerabilities count

SHIPA-2282 Updating connected cluster to add a framework fails

SHIPA-2281 Newly added user on self hosted shipa 1.5.0-rc2 can't load dashboard

SHIPA-2278 app move across cluster fw leaves old pods/services around on origin cluster

SHIPA-2273 Upgraded to Pro but Manage subscription show option to upgrade to Pro

SHIPA-2239 cname doesn't work

SHIPA-2238 Cluster create screen reports valid IP address as invalid

SHIPA-2195 shipa node autoscale to support shipa cloud users

SHIPA-2194 App deployed using nginx (Default) ingress causes 404 when accessed over http

SHIPA-2193 Default ingress on new framework is not set to nginx

SHIPA-2150 App removal gives error: Failed to remove router backend: [router remove] not found

SHIPA-2132 Network policy unexpectedly showing up on new app

SHIPA-2117 Can't add cluster when ketch provisioner is enabled

SHIPA-2097 App transaction not showing up for ketch provisioned apps

SHIPA-2091 Adding nginx to existing cluster fails in dashboard

SHIPA-2082 Cannot remove frameworks in used from cluster - dashboard

SHIPA-2081 OAuth creation/update does not allow setting "Enabled" field

SHIPA-2080 Fix bugs on Invite Users API

SHIPA-2073 Don't install Traefik 1.7 if a cluster uses istio or traefik 2.2 or nginx

SHIPA-2072 Fix styling/SSO bugs - Dashboard

SHIPA-2069 Canary deployment doesn't work with Ketch provisioner

SHIPA-2065 Nginx ingress controller to support shipa(docker) apps

SHIPA-2036 [Ketch] Nginx doesn't work with user-provided certificates

SHIPA-2025 Fix API endpoint bugs /auth/providers

SHIPA-2012 Shipa CLI doesn't show unit deployment details

SHIPA-2011 App deployed using ketch provisioner is not accessbile

SHIPA-1986 Security scan unexpectedly showing up on new app

SHIPA-1985 Deleted resources (app, framework, cluster) should also delete their corresponding permissions

SHIPA-1980 Shipa node auto-scale doesn't work

SHIPA-1978 Deleting application should not delete events

SHIPA-1974 Use quotes for labels and annotations inside ketch app chart's manifests


SHIPA-2155 Disable scale down of shipa node

SHIPA-2079 Create hub to complete sign up after SSO

SHIPA-2078 Split SAML and OAuth as independent tabs and adapt new APIs

SHIPA-2076 Add org and user email to invite link

SHIPA-2075 Add page to register invited users

SHIPA-2064 Add security to subscription update endpoint and add tests

SHIPA-2057 Remove isLoading function from codebase

SHIPA-2040 Create subscription endpoint in frontend's server

SHIPA-2037 Add link to create framework from cluster dropdown

SHIPA-2032 Ketch application to use unique service account

SHIPA-2027 Allow adding and removing OAuth providers - dashboard

SHIPA-2026 Add DELETE endpoint to remove existing providers

SHIPA-2022 Prometheus-metrics-exporter to gather nginx app metrics

SHIPA-2021 Prometheus-metrics-exporter to gather Traefik 2+ app metrics

SHIPA-2014 App events must return app UUID in event metadata

SHIPA-2007 Add feature flag to OAuth configuration

SHIPA-2006 Update placeholder text in plan options

SHIPA-2005 Uncomment Frontend code that calls api to update the subscription plan and update plan description

SHIPA-2002 Add proper backend tests to Mock overall o-auth workflow

SHIPA-1996 Display subscription upgrade controls based on feature flag

SHIPA-1995 Fetch user info on login and cache data - re use hook

SHIPA-1994 Create API endpoint to register invited users

SHIPA-1993 Ketch to apply metadataItems (labels/annotations) to istio/traefik/nginx resources

SHIPA-1988 Rename identity-providers files to providers

SHIPA-1981 Add unit tests for frontend components

SHIPA-1975 Super admin to fetch events from Shipa API by org

SHIPA-1972 Display details of the system rules (network policies) fetching from API

SHIPA-1958 KetchAppManager to add shipa-specific labels and annotations when creating app

SHIPA-1957 Shipa to support changing app's framework for ketch apps

SHIPA-1946 Create UI for displaying plan options

SHIPA-1945 [Shipa] Ketch provisioner to support cnames and users' certificate

SHIPA-1944 Ketch to provide way to use user's SSL certificate for cnames

SHIPA-1943 Ketch to support usage of HTTP/HTTPS protocols per cname

SHIPA-1941 Auto provision invited users on Github auth

SHIPA-1940 Update the endpoint /open/signup to allow registration is a user was invited

SHIPA-1939 Create endpoint to invite users to a given org

SHIPA-1938 Add user invite screen to Users page

SHIPA-1937 Auto provision users when org name is given

SHIPA-1936 Create public endpoint to verify validity of org name

SHIPA-1935 Create new Sign Up UI and adjust logic

SHIPA-1934 Take over the Hackathon dashboard code and make it production-ready

SHIPA-1933 Take over the Hackathon API code and adjust it to the current approach

SHIPA-1932 Implement Edit modal to configure auth provider

SHIPA-1931 Add sub-page to Single Sign On page to manage OAuth providers

SHIPA-1930 Fetch provider config endpoint and render auth buttons

SHIPA-1928 Create endpoint to fetch auth provider config

SHIPA-1927 Create endpoint to persist auth provider config

SHIPA-1925 Add acceptance test for ketch applications

SHIPA-1922 Add UI option to manage payments and plans

SHIPA-1920 Design plan upgrade/downgrade UI and Subscription page

SHIPA-1914 Add a way to handle when app limit has been reached

SHIPA-1912 License-Gen tool to support creation of Enterprise License

SHIPA-1905 Create tickets to handle cnames and certificates

SHIPA-1904 Integrate shipa-api with launchdarkly.com

SHIPA-1902 app deploy doesn't work for some images

SHIPA-1900 App security scan doesn't work

SHIPA-1899 Update the index page of the Target to match the new design

SHIPA-1898 Re-arrange Units table and add memory/cpu - FE

SHIPA-1890 [Ketch] Extend App CRD with labels/annotations for app's k8s objects

SHIPA-1889 [Ketch] Ketch to use shipa.io prefix for apps' labels

SHIPA-1886 [Ketch] Add Nginx support

SHIPA-1885 [Ketch] Ketch to work with shipa.io group and in shipa namespace

SHIPA-1884 [Ketch] Ketch to scale the target deployment when doing canary

SHIPA-1879 [Shipa] AppManager to support canary deployment

SHIPA-1877 [Shipa] Create a cluster package to deploy ketch controller

SHIPA-1876 [Shipa] Shipa to maintain a Framework CR for each k8s framework

SHIPA-1875 [Ketch] Extend Framework CRD with labels and annotations

SHIPA-1874 [Ketch] Ketch to create a k8s Service pointing to a particular deployment.

SHIPA-1873 [Ketch] Extend App CRD with volumes and volumeMounts

SHIPA-1872 [Ketch] Extend App CRD with resources section

SHIPA-1871 [Shipa] AppManager to create/update/remove Ketch App CR

SHIPA-1869 [Shipa] CanaryService to work with shipa provisioner only

SHIPA-1815 Cleanup old code and Auto-append new subscription to customer when stripe customer is created

SHIPA-1793 Run DB migration to re-activate expired users

SHIPA-1788 create usage records on Stripe

SHIPA-1787 Cron-Job inside the Shipa-Payments to calculate usage

SHIPA-1786 Track and store Usage

SHIPA-1785 Introduce new database PostgreSQL to store billing related data and implement a client to talk to it

SHIPA-1784 Remove user cluster on downgrade from PAID to FREE

SHIPA-1783 Enable / Disable features based on Plans

SHIPA-1782 Add new Payment service endpoint: /update/{org}/subscription

SHIPA-1781 Dashboard to have buttons to switch between subscription plans

SHIPA-1780 Ask to add card if switching from FREE to PRO

SHIPA-1779 Add feature to Add and Validate Payment sources on Stripe ( Cards )

SHIPA-1778 Shipa Plan Identifier at Org level and db migrations