We are pleased to present Shipa 1.6.0 release.

This release brings several improvements and new functionalities related to the following components:

New Features & Enhancements

New Framework PoliciesNode Selector: Deploy application to specific node
CNAME: Restrict CNAME assignment to applications
Application auto scale: Define policies to manage application auto scaling policy
User Management with RBACManage user access control using pre defined roles, Admin, Developer, Operation, allows to customize roles using simplified user experience
Job ManagementManage Kubernetes Jobs using Shipa CLI and Jobs API. For details see Job Management documentation.
Network Map for auto-discovered appsNetwork map of auto discovered applications can be visualized along with object map.
Mount ConfigMap to a customer mount pathYou can mount a ConfigMap when deploying application to a custom path
Dashboard Improvements Display details of shipa versions (Chart, API and Dashboard)
Auto-select option when appropriate
* Improve logic that determines Events' status

Resolved Issues


User should be able to see API and Dashboard version in the frontend footer

User should be able to mount config map to a custom path

Limit which domains can be used by developers

Implement NodeSelector at the framework level

Kubernetes application auto-scale

Shipa should support managing Kubernetes Job


Dashboard doesn't allow mounting volume that is more than 2 level deep

Remove nodecontainer permissions from permission list API

ketch-controller memory leak

kubernetes-objects taking long time to load

shipa doesn't honor health check in shipa.yaml

Shipa API printing log "2022/01/07 18:59:44 http: TLS handshake error from EOF"

Remove privileged access of shipa managed nginx

In Terminal during Fresh Install e.g Shipa 1.4.0+ Shipa App List vs Shipa App-List

Secret injection using vault doesn't work

Remove platform from permission list

Developers cannot update frameworks even though permissions is present

Dashboard reports wrong deployment result when unsuccessful rollouts

Dashboard is not inferring ingress from framework on cluster create (auto-select)

app Permission missing in Shipa-DevOps role

Update volumes capacity payload and display

Can’t cancel events using the CLI

Add multiple security patches to npm modules

Ketch controller OOM errors


Implement new create/update modal for Teams

Display details of existing teams

Update Team's table to match new design

Implement feature to assign roles to users

Display details of existing user

Update user's table to match new design

Implement feature to update existing roles

Implement view to show details of existing role

Implement feature to list pre-built roles

Add pre-built set of roles to the API by default

Remove existing sections and wrap them in single one