We are pleased to present Shipa 1.6.3 release.

New Features & Enhancements

Framework Policy definition improvementFramework policies do not refer to ingress router, its solely part of cluster definition
Auto-discovered appsExisting apps discovered by Shipa can not show cpu and memory metrics and CPU/Memory request limits
Job statusKubernetes Jobs deployed using Shipa can show job status using shipa job list and shipa job info JOB_NAME
Install shipa to use pre-existing nginx/istio/traefik ingress controllersShipa installs by default nginx. With this release you can install shipa to use existing nginx/istio/traefik
UX improvementUpdate and close cluster configuration from any step during configuration
Shipa CLI (1.7.0) improvementsShipa CLI ver 1.7.0 supports auto-completion. It is also required version for Shipa 1.6.3
Several bug fixes with improvement in performance and reliability

Upgrade notes


Shipa 1.6.2 and later version require Shipa CLI 1.7.0 or later.

Shipa 1.6.3 installs default nginx ingress controller and exposes port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS by default. Prevision versions export 8080(HTTP) and 8081(HTTPS).

# Update helm repo
helm repo up

# Check Shipa 1.6.3 charts
helm search repo shipa

NAME                    CHART VERSION   APP VERSION DESCRIPTION                                 
shipa-charts/shipa      1.6.3           1.6.3       A Helm chart for Kubernetes to install Shipa

# Installs shipa with default nginx with expose ports 80(HTTP) and port 443(HTTPS)
helm upgrade --install shipa shipa-charts/shipa \
  --set auth.adminUser=$ADMIN_EMAIL --set auth.adminPassword=$ADMIN_PASSWORD \
  --namespace shipa-system --create-namespace --timeout=1000s  --wait


Upgrade existing connected cluster

If you upgraded to Shipa 1.6.3 with default HTTPS port 443, previously connected cluster including shipa main cluster must be upgraded because otherwise shipa services running on connected cluster would continue talking to shipa on port 8081 (HTTPS) but the shipa API now listens on port 443.

Run following command to update your main cluster:

$ shipa cluster update shipa-cluster

Run following command to update your other connected cluster:

$ shipa cluster update CLUSTER_NAME

You can skip upgrading your cluster using helm configuration --set "shipaApi.serviceSecurePorts={8081,443}" while upgrading shipa main cluster to 1.6.2 and later as described below. However we recommend you upgrade your connected cluster as there are improvements and bug fixes in shipa services (ketch-controller, shipa-controller, busybody).

To help with backward compatibility in case you have tooling where you call Shipa API on port 8081 (HTTPS) or 8080(port HTTP), you can upgrade shipa and expose multiple ports, e.g. 443, 8081 for HTTPS and port 80, 8080 (HTTP)

helm upgrade --install shipa shipa-charts/shipa \
  --set "shipaApi.serviceSecurePorts={8081,443}" --set "shipaApi.servicePorts={8080,80}" \
  --set auth.adminUser=$ADMIN_EMAIL --set auth.adminPassword=$ADMIN_PASSWORD \
  --namespace shipa-system --create-namespace --timeout=1000s  --wait

Shipa 1.6.2 and later requires installation of Shipa CLI 1.7.0 or later so it can work with these new ports

curl -s https://storage.googleapis.com/shipa-client/install.sh | bash

Once installed Shipa CLI 1.7.0 or later then you would need to to add target with new name or remove old one and add new one with same name

# Remove existing target
shipa target remove $TARGET_NAME 

# Add a new one and start using it
shipa target add $TARGET_NAME  $SHIPA_HOST -s

Resolved Issues

Release notes - Shipa - Version 1.6.3


Bug Fix for App deployment using dashboard

SHIPA-2521 Self-hosted shipa doesn't conform to Free and Enterprise licenses

SHIPA-2517 Profile blanks after visiting pages with geo map

SHIPA-2513 UserManagement/Team or Roles tab appear disable on any browser on iOS devices

SHIPA-2469 helm uninstall shipa -n shipa-system fails

SHIPA-2460 Reduce cpu and memory request for metrics-exporter

SHIPA-2453 Removing Shipa app or job should remove associated app and job custom resources

SHIPA-2452 Disconnecting a framework from a cluster doesn't remove framework and associated custom resources

SHIPA-2451 Removing framework from a cluster during cluster update deletes the associated namespace

SHIPA-2441 Discovered apps do not show these properties

SHIPA-2407 Shipa app stop event and other app actions is taking long time to complete


SHIPA-2306 Remove ingress dependency from Framework


SHIPA-2512 Job info and list API should show job pod status as it shows for apps

SHIPA-2474 Allow removing framework from a cluster only if there are no apps in the framework


SHIPA-2500 Create auth middleware and encapsulate getAuthToken logic

SHIPA-2499 Load server config once and reorganize folders

SHIPA-2497 Update remaining modals to use useModal Hook

SHIPA-2489 Show HPA properties: minReplicas, maxReplicas and targetCPUUtilizationPercentage

SHIPA-2487 Show endpoint address from LB of discovered app

SHIPA-2486 Show cpu/memory limits and requests of auto-discovered apps

SHIPA-2471 Adjust Volume Plan modal to disable clusters not connected to framework

SHIPA-2449 Update API response types to camelCase

SHIPA-2426 Adjust framework modal - volume step to match new API - fix volume plan deletion error

SHIPA-2424 Remove teams and frameworks from volume actions

SHIPA-2423 Adjust volume-plans to be framework-based

SHIPA-2422 Remove teams dependancy from Volumes in Shipa-CLI

SHIPA-2421 Remove teams dependancy from Volumes in Shipa API

SHIPA-2357 Received and exposed a single ingressController on cluster API

SHIPA-2352 Adjust cluster metadata to read a single ingress controller

SHIPA-2351 Update cluster add/update command to work with a single ingress controller

SHIPA-2350 Update cluster.yaml definition to allow a single ingress controller

SHIPA-2349 Infer ingress information from cluster when assigning network rule "ingress"

SHIPA-2348 Remove ingress "discovery" from cluster modals and allow only one controller

SHIPA-2347 Remove ingress from framework modals and metadata

SHIPA-2346 Remove ingress flag from framework commands - CLI

SHIPA-2345 Remove ingress/router from framework definition API

SHIPA-581 [SPIKE] Update AntD to v4