We are pleased to present Shipa 1.7.0 release.

Improved cluster connectionSimplified cluster connection. Refer to Cluster Connection guide.
Single Step application deploymentApplication deployment is handled in a single step. Refer to application deployment guide
Binding volume to application during deployment and deploy application as StatefulSetYou can bind volumes to applications during deployment. Application is deployed as StatefulSet.
Dashboard UX improvementsFollowing improvements have been made in dashboard:
Single step application deployment
Deploy using test image and support to validate image
Re-deploy pre-fills previous values
Clearly labeled buttons
Discovered app's LB endpoint
Improved search and bulk operation for application, framework, cluster etc.
Improved private image deploymentSetup docker credentials for a framework. The application deployment time private images do not need to provide any credentials. Refer to Private Registry docs for details
License ManagementUse Dashboard or CLI to manage shipa licenses. Refer to License Management docs for details. Note updating license will no longer work using helm
Assign annotations to Shipa Nginx ingress controllerYou can provide custom annotations using shipacluster.ingress.customNginxServiceAnnotations to be applied to Shipa Nginx ingress controller. Refer to Helm chart values for details.
Install Shipa CLI using HomebrewShipa CLI (self hosted or Cloud) can be installed using Homebrew. Follow documentation for details.

Upgrade notes


Shipa 1.7.0 require Shipa CLI 1.7.3 or later

Upgrading from 1.6.3


Shipa 1.7.0 uses updated Bitnami Mongodb replicaset, its a different chart. Please follow upgrade from 1.6.3 directions at https://learn.shipa.io/v1.7.0/docs/upgrading-self-managed-shipa.


With Shipa 1.7.0 we are introducing license managed using Shipa CLI, Dashboard and API. This means we are no longer be supporting license update using helm.

If you are updating from 1.6.3 or prior version to 1.7.0 and using Pro/Enterprise license, your license will be reset to Free as we no longer support license update using helm.

You will need to update your license using CLI command: shipa license PATH-TO-SHIPA-LICENSE

For details see License Management

Resolved issue


SHIPA-2739 Users in DevOps role can't connect cluster

SHIPA-2737 Dashboard reports invalid dns/ip for a valid dns with https scheme on cluster connection page

SHIPA-2700 shipa app list returns removed auto-discovered apps

SHIPA-2695 App discovery not working

SHIPA-2688 On self-hosted shipa cert error trying cluster connection command from dashboard

SHIPA-2687 MaxClustersCount limit should be set to unlimited for Free plan

SHIPA-2675 Settings page license tab should be capitalized to License

SHIPA-2663 Volume plan cannot be removed (API complains incorrectly that volumes exist)

SHIPA-2655 Cluster connection yaml url generated from Dashboard has null authToken

SHIPA-2650 Running app deploy in dry run mode is actually deploying the application

SHIPA-2639 Fix table typings and adjust app table definition to set example

SHIPA-2632 Improve Job validation

SHIPA-2629 Do not send appConfig in the payload unless it changed

SHIPA-2628 shipa cluster connect should require user authentication

SHIPA-2627 Fix backoff limit and restart policy inconsistencies

SHIPA-2626 Jobs should follow the same deleting pattern as Apps.

SHIPA-2625 Latest Homebrew can't install gon for signing Mac binaries

SHIPA-2622 Remove control and startup from application object map

SHIPA-2621 Fix Job bugs on dashboard

SHIPA-2604 Job created by org admin doesn't show up to userrs in Developer or DevOps role

SHIPA-2603 Job should be included in 5 app limit for free plan

SHIPA-2594 Job name with the same name as existing app results in strange behavior

SHIPA-2579 CLI Command in Terminal to "Target Add" is still "Target-Add" - 1.7.0

SHIPA-2571 Mark the team field as required for job POST API

SHIPA-2570 Shipa Terraform Provider does not update clusters

SHIPA-2567 Shipa Terraform Provider does not delete CNAMEs

SHIPA-2473 Shipa should not display application endpoint URL of un-deployed application


SHIPA-2552 Job Support - Dashboard


SHIPA-2669 Add custom ingress controller service annotations with Helm Chart

SHIPA-2661 User should be able to rollback deployment using image with tag

SHIPA-2634 Shipa Cloud Staging should use MongoDB Atlas, to match Production

SHIPA-2620 Add shipa-client commands for agent url generation

SHIPA-2619 User should be able to see events using Shipa events API when shipa discovers an app or remove a discovered app

SHIPA-2584 Create endpoint to update shipa agent from shipa api

SHIPA-2583 Endpoint for additional configs for shipa agent

SHIPA-2578 Deploy new app bound to a volume as stateful set

SHIPA-2576 Shipa should create events when an application is in error status

SHIPA-2569 Add endpoint to render shipa-agent chart yaml

SHIPA-2525 Pre-fill Image URL with sample image on app deploy screen

SHIPA-2524 User should know whether docker image they are deploying is invalid or inaccessbile

SHIPA-2523 Provide default framework with default settings for every new organization

SHIPA-2516 [SPIKE] Shipa API to generate YAML file to establish connection from cluster

SHIPA-2514 Shipa CLI should allow updating existing target

SHIPA-2468 User should be able to view their entitlements and upgrade license

SHIPA-2428 Fix new errors appearing in swaggerhub editor

SHIPA-2418 Modify shipa helm chart to user shipa agent instead of cluster-add

SHIPA-2417 Revisit minimal set of permission for shipa service account

SHIPA-2416 Clean shipa-client of cluster commands

SHIPA-2414 Remove validation for required frameworks in cluster

SHIPA-2413 Shipa agent helm chart

SHIPA-2412 Shipa agent go application client


SHIPA-2686 Implement new endpoint to validate container images

SHIPA-2672 Add target.id query string to GET /events

SHIPA-2668 Update cluster-agent endpoints after API changes

SHIPA-2666 Remove node removal from dashboard - Nodes

SHIPA-2660 License polish - rename license create, make zero dates empty, specify "unlimited" apps, creation should validate

SHIPA-2654 Configure Batch operations on Cluster table

SHIPA-2647 Implement Table 2.0 on Settings pages

SHIPA-2646 Implement Table 2.0 on User Management pages

SHIPA-2645 Implement Table 2.0 on Plan page

SHIPA-2644 Implement Table 2.0 on Volume pages

SHIPA-2643 Implement Table 2.0 the rest of Application pages

SHIPA-2642 Implement Table 2.0 on Framework pages

SHIPA-2641 Implement Table 2.0 on Cluster pages

SHIPA-2640 Improve zero-state component based on new cluster connection

SHIPA-2633 Add zero state to Jobs page

SHIPA-2631 Load appropriate cluster modal based on feature flag

SHIPA-2630 Remove app move endpoint and cli command

SHIPA-2623 Add framework selection to cluster connection

SHIPA-2606 Refactor tables component structure

SHIPA-2605 Validate docker images before deployment - dashboard

SHIPA-2600 Read entitlements from license on self-hosted

SHIPA-2599 Add option to upload/download licenses

SHIPA-2598 Add Settings screen to read license

SHIPA-2596 Populate DB default license on startup if none present

SHIPA-2595 Redeployment with same volume should not cause error

SHIPA-2593 Move the job status dropdown component to top of details page

SHIPA-2592 Configure batch deletion on apps table

SHIPA-2590 Improve validation for job name

SHIPA-2587 Adjust Jobs details page to match new mock up

SHIPA-2585 Add parallelism to the Job creation form and Job Details

SHIPA-2582 create volume bind step

SHIPA-2581 create Environment variables step

SHIPA-2573 Adjust cluster update modal

SHIPA-2572 Adjust cluster connect modal to generate magic link

SHIPA-2560 Implement unit tests for the entire Jobs feature

SHIPA-2559 Build the job details page

SHIPA-2558 Build routing for jobs details and fetch the job information

SHIPA-2557 Implement job creation request and form validation

SHIPA-2556 Build the job creation form

SHIPA-2555 Implement job deletion and job refetch functionality

SHIPA-2554 Build Jobs table

SHIPA-2553 Create application and jobs tab

SHIPA-2543 Adjust CLI to execute app create/deploy from deploy command

SHIPA-2542 Enhanced app deploy API endpoint to execute app create when needed

SHIPA-2541 Adjust dashboard to execute app create/deploy in a single step

SHIPA-2540 Design new UI/UX to handle app creation and deploy in a single step

SHIPA-2537 Prometheus-metrics-exporter and busybody deployed to main cluster must use internal shipa-api's service name

SHIPA-2527 Remove Open Connection and Unit

SHIPA-2519 mongodb-replicaset is deprecated we should use recommended bitnami mongodb

SHIPA-2509 Add explicit target ID (app, job, cluster, etc) to the Shipa Events

SHIPA-2507 Update github actions to use json for app deploy and app deploy rollback

SHIPA-2494 Show ConfigMaps for discovered apps in the dashboard

SHIPA-2493 Show ConfigMaps for discovered apps

SHIPA-2492 Show ENV variables of auto-discovered app in the dashboard

SHIPA-2491 Show ENV variables of auto-discovered app

SHIPA-2490 HPA properties: minReplicas, maxReplicas and targetCPUUtilizationPercentage in the dashboard

SHIPA-2488 Show endpoint address from LB of discovered app in the dashboard

SHIPA-2485 Show images of auto-discovered apps

SHIPA-2480 Adjust table styling and toolbox

SHIPA-2237 Fix deployment chart to display old deployments of removed apps

SHIPA-2088 Remove ProtectedPort from cluster.yaml

SHIPA-1848 Update /apps/{app}/deployments/{version} endpoint down to /deploys/{deploy} endpoint's documentation

SHIPA-1847 Update /apps/{app}/security-* and /images/security-* endpoints' documentation

SHIPA-1840 Update /healing*, /routers, and /metrics* endpoints' documentation

SHIPA-1137 Tests cases for parseAPIError