We are pleased to present Shipa 1.7.1 release.

Application InsightsDiscover application compliance with respect to defined policy in application frameworks. Learn more at: https://learn.shipa.io/docs/insights
Application Discovery improvements Discovered app lifecycle events (app.create, app.delete)
Discovered application log support. Now you can see logs of discovered apps in Dashboard or using CLI : shipa app log -a APP_NAME
Shipa IngressClassShipa uses its own IngressClass and all application ingress use this using IngressClassName. It no more uses deprecated kubernetes.io/ingress.class
Bug fixes and improvementsMany bug fixes and improvements were made in this release


Shipa CLI requirement

Shipa 1.7.0 require Shipa CLI 1.7.7 or later


Upgrading from 1.6.3

Shipa 1.7.0 uses updated Bitnami Mongodb replicaset, its a different chart. For details please refer to
Upgrade from 1.6.3 notes


License Management

With Shipa 1.7.0 we introduced license managed using Shipa CLI, Dashboard and API. We no longer be supporting license update using helm.

If you are updating from 1.6.3 or prior version to 1.7.0 and using Pro/Enterprise license, your license will be reset to Free as we no longer support license update using helm.

You will need to update your license using CLI command: shipa license PATH-TO-SHIPA-LICENSE

For details see License Management

Resolved Issues


SHIPA-2840 At Free subscription/License user limits should be unlimited

SHIPA-2807 creating cluster with same name as deleted overwrites deleted cluster record

SHIPA-2806 shipa-controller crashes in staging

SHIPA-2805 creating framework with same name as a deleted one results in an error

SHIPA-2747 Plans are not updated on redeployed apps after framework updates

SHIPA-2725 Create volume should not let users chose <0 size

SHIPA-2690 Shipa doesn't let me delete volume even though associated cluster is deleted


SHIPA-2723 Preserve cluster history

SHIPA-2722 Preserve Framework history

SHIPA-2718 Enable Integration tab for discovered apps

SHIPA-2716 Dashboard should show all relevant events in webhook creation of an integration

SHIPA-2715 User should be able to see discovered application log message

SHIPA-2714 Dashboard should show discovered app's lifecycle events

SHIPA-2710 User should get app.create on app discovery and app.remove when app is removed

SHIPA-2683 Shipa uses deprecated ingress class for nginx

SHIPA-2624 Make it easier for users to handle private registry secret

SHIPA-2415 Shipa agent helm uninstall to detach cluster


SHIPA-2767 Enable security scan API for discovered apps

SHIPA-2685 Implement cluster delete based on agent - dashboard

SHIPA-2615 Create Policy Report page

SHIPA-2613 shipa-controller to report about policy violation status

SHIPA-2612 shipa-controller to update App.Status.ExtensionsStatus

SHIPA-2611 Implement GET /policy/status

SHIPA-2610 Implement PUT /apps/name/policy-violation

SHIPA-2609 Implement PUT /apps/name/policy-status

SHIPA-2608 shipa-api to write actual app policy to App.extensions

SHIPA-2607 shipa-api to write actual policy to Framework.extensions

SHIPA-2534 Cluster status should be sent to Shipa API periodically