We are pleased to present Shipa 1.7.2 release.

New Insight Page for DashboardShipa Insights is designed to report on compliance/conformance against Shipa Policies and provide engineering efficiency metrics
Support for multiple internal ports to deployed applications using shipaDeploy applications using shipa and expose multiple internal and a public external port
Discovered app events, lifecycle and logsReceive discovered application's lifecycle events and logs
Application policy violation improvementsShipa adds supports for network policy violation where it reports violation based on network policy defined in a framework.

Also adds support to perform security scan of discovered applications.
Add annotations to application during deploymentAnnotated kubernetes resources (ingress, deployment etc.) with your customer annotation by defining annotation in shipa.yaml.

This enables use case of enabling basic auth using nginx ingress of shipa deployment application.
Dashboard accessibility improvementMakes the dashboard app navigate-able with the keyboard. On Dashboard, press Shift + H on the keyboard to learn new key shortcuts.


Shipa CLI requirement

Shipa 1.7.2 require Shipa CLI 1.7.8 or later


Upgrade Notes

Upgrade to 1.7.2 by running following commands:

Login to your shipa installation using admin password

shipa login $ADMIN_USER

Update helm repot to fetch Shipa 1.7.2 charts

helm repo update

Upgrade to Shipa 1.7.2

helm upgrade --install shipa shipa-charts/shipa \
  --set auth.adminUser=$ADMIN_USER --set auth.adminPassword=$ADMIN_PASSWORD \
  --namespace shipa-system --create-namespace --timeout=1000s --wait

Upgrade shipa cluster - This is important step to complete your installation

shipa cluster update shipa-cluster

Resolved Issues


SHIPA-2804 Add Insights page to dashboard

SHIPA-2757 Make the dashboard app navigate-able with the keyboard

SHIPA-2717 Support for multiple internal ports of app deployed using shipa

SHIPA-2709 Discovered app events, lifecycle and logs

SHIPA-694 [Phase 3] Application Violation Report


SHIPA-2939 Update values.yaml to remove useless values and add/improve comments

SHIPA-2913 App list and details page should show make provide link to violation report

SHIPA-2912 Dashboard cluster list and cluster detail page should show cluster status

SHIPA-2846 Improve Helm Chart deployment reliability

SHIPA-2834 Allow users to add annotations to application ingress

SHIPA-2734 EKS K8s Version Needs Updating

SHIPA-2721 Preserve application deployment history

SHIPA-2713 User should get app.deploy event when a discovered app is re-deployed

SHIPA-2712 User should get app.restart event when a discovered app's pod is restarted

SHIPA-2711 User should get app.error when a discovered app is in error condition

SHIPA-2682 Update Terraform code to use ingress controller service annotations for EIP

SHIPA-2577 Run security scan on discovered apps


SHIPA-2978 Updating FW with adding or removing team results in 500 error

SHIPA-2954 Cannot deleted unused team - Framework history

SHIPA-2952 Insights page break when when first narrows deployment does not exist

SHIPA-2944 Fix "got no server response" on batch deletions

SHIPA-2934 Fix bug in app details -> lifecycle bug -> view image

SHIPA-2931 Vulnerability count does not show in app security widget

SHIPA-2929 Dashboard breaks when policy report has not been generated - App table

SHIPA-2927 Updating security scan component and/org CVE doesn't trigger security scan

SHIPA-2916 Events of deleted apps showing up in Lifecycle tab of Dashboard

SHIPA-2915 shipa.roles is missing index on name (others?)

SHIPA-2914 GET https://apps.shipa.cloud/api/events/kinds is very slow

SHIPA-2909 The API GET /apps?all=true returns an error if frameworks are removed

SHIPA-2895 Cannot delete plan linked to removed framework - prod/stag

SHIPA-2892 Deployed app gets in error state after running for few mins

SHIPA-2891 API returns null as the value of teams in a framework instead of []

SHIPA-2888 RDS public access stopped working

SHIPA-2887 Pod not returning correct status on object map

SHIPA-2885 Clair doesnโ€™t restart on config change

SHIPA-2881 "Geographic Apps Distribution" map has wrong links for Apps

SHIPA-2876 When the node selector policy is not fulfilled the deployment gets stuck until timeout

SHIPA-2869 move mongo index check from api call to server start

SHIPA-2868 Clair v4 stops working after a couple of scans - Unauthorized (401)

SHIPA-2866 Bug in server-side filters produces infinite dropdowns

SHIPA-2862 No insight for apps using same name as a previously deleted app name

SHIPA-2857 API should return exposed ports in deployments - regression

SHIPA-2855 shipa misses policy violation report from shipa-controller

SHIPA-2854 Event.Error field of policy violation events must depend on violation status

SHIPA-2847 change hotkey to open hotkey drawer

SHIPA-2845 Clear the auto focused field when opening form with hotkeys

SHIPA-2842 shipa performs security scans on applications even if associated framework has scan disabled

SHIPA-2839 Fix flaky unit test that often fails in dashboard - jobs

SHIPA-2837 Env variables used with app create/update don't handle = in value correctly

SHIPA-2836 shipa-controller crashes

SHIPA-2832 GeoDistributionMap reports an error when the tabs are toggle fast

SHIPA-2831 Shipa should not allow removing dashboard app

SHIPA-2824 calling image dependecy-file API results in 500 error

SHIPA-2820 Security scan doesn't work for discovered apps

SHIPA-2797 Shipa doesn't allow users with super admin permission to act like one

SHIPA-2692 Fix test with using ketch provisioner

SHIPA-2689 Fix terraform error that makes the sandbox-manager fail 50% of the time

SHIPA-2681 A deployment gets stuck and its related event locks the process for an unreasonable time

SHIPA-2679 CLI does not report correct exit code when deployment fails

SHIPA-2533 Update Clair for security vulnerabilities

SHIPA-2276 Specifying app's HPA configs does not update the actual HPA

SHIPA-2103 Helm Chart - Postgres Should be Stateful Set

SHIPA-1697 Remove adding/removing node capabilities from kubernetes provisioner

SHIPA-1310 Busybody fails to report a node status