We are pleased to present Shipa 1.7.4 release.

Shipa Policy Validation at CI stageShipa Framework policy can be validated now with Github Action and policy validation report can be visualized in Dashboard.

Also introduces shipa app policy CLI command to generate policy violation report of a helm-chart.
Shipa CLI Build pack upgradeBuildpack upgraded to 0.27, this also fixes bug where pack was printing docker credentials in debug prints
Bug FixesMany critical bug fixes


Shipa CLI requirement

Shipa 1.7.4 require Shipa CLI 1.7.10 or later


Upgrade Notes

Upgrade to 1.7.4 by running following commands:

Login to your shipa installation using admin password

shipa login $ADMIN_USER

Update helm repot to fetch Shipa 1.7.4 charts

helm repo update

Upgrade to Shipa 1.7.4

helm upgrade --install shipa shipa-charts/shipa \
  --set auth.adminUser=$ADMIN_USER --set auth.adminPassword=$ADMIN_PASSWORD \
  --namespace shipa-system --create-namespace --timeout=1000s --wait

Upgrade shipa cluster

Shipa 1.7.4 automatically upgrades root cluster with latest component updates using helm post-upgrade hook.

In case you experience any issue, you can always force upgrade using:

shipa cluster update shipa-cluster

Resolved Issues


SHIPA-3040 cname remove doesn't work with with shipa CLI

SHIPA-3039 CNAMEs cannot be reused after an application is deleted - app history

SHIPA-3020 Deleting cluster doesn't delete it

SHIPA-2998 Remove ignored vulnerabilities from tab count - security report

SHIPA-2977 shipa-agent reports stale version of components after cluster upgrade

SHIPA-2870 Uninstalling shipa also removes auto discovered apps known to shipa
SHIPA-3027 Shipa buildpack prints secrets with debug logs


SHIPA-3004 [Dashboard] Create CI Policy Report details drawer

SHIPA-3003 [Dashboard] Update policy report page with CI engine tab

SHIPA-2997 Cron job container command improvements

SHIPA-2991 Design UI for CI policy report