We are pleased to present Shipa 1.8.0 release.

Shipa EnvironmentShipa environment provides abstraction to associate your applications with cluster, namespace and policy framework.

Allows a policy framework to be reused across clusters, namespace and applications.

For details see documentation for Shipa Environment.


Shipa CLI requirement

Shipa 1.8.0 requires Shipa CLI 1.8.0 or later


Upgrade notes

Shipa 1.8.0 is not compatible with previous versions (1.7.4 or older). It is meant to be installed fresh on new cluster, as it contains breaking changes that are complex to address in an update scenario from previous versions 1.7.4 or older.


Shipa cloud users

For Shipa cloud users who have existing connected cluster, you can either migrate your cluster following these steps or connect a new cluster.

Resolved Issues

Release notes - Shipa - Version 1.8.0


SHIPA-3142 Remove framework and namespace from shipa command options

SHIPA-3141 Slow HTTP requests in staging

SHIPA-3136 Network policy violation for discovered apps not detected

SHIPA-3120 DevOps user can't see env if assigned to multiple teams

SHIPA-3118 User in DevOps role can't connect a cluster

SHIPA-3092 annotations from shipa.yaml doesn't work

SHIPA-3090 connected cluster not visible to users in DevOps or Developer role

SHIPA-3086 Dashboard doesn't show SSO on settings page for non-org admin users

SHIPA-3085 shipa-cluster list should list teams derived from environment

SHIPA-3079 Users in Developer and DevOps role can't manage environment

SHIPA-3074 App CR is deleted when framework is changed in environment


SHIPA-2662 Shipa environment


SHIPA-3019 Block app deploy for pre environment clusters

SHIPA-3018 Remove framework usage in app deploy

SHIPA-3002 Migration to create environments based on existing apps

SHIPA-2848 Support Environment via shipa-client

SHIPA-2674 Deploy applications using environment

SHIPA-2673 Environment management with API


SHIPA-3031 Add environment stats to dashboard page

SHIPA-3025 Adjust job modal to use environments

SHIPA-3023 Create framework CRD (if not exist) when environment is created/updated

SHIPA-3022 During POST /environments, call to get namespaces times out on Staging

SHIPA-3021 Add []environmentID to GET /frameworks and GET /clusters

SHIPA-3013 Adjust Insights/P.Report/Events to reflect environment changes

SHIPA-3012 Adjust app deployment modal to target environment

SHIPA-3011 Add functionality to display details of a given environment

SHIPA-3010 Add mutation to add/update environments

SHIPA-3009 Adjust cluster/framework details page

SHIPA-3008 Update cluster mutation to remove framework dependency

SHIPA-3007 Update zero-state to require creation of environments

SHIPA-3006 List environments, clusters and frameworks accordingly

SHIPA-3005 Read environment Feature flag and add new section

SHIPA-2987 Create a cluster migration to populate App.Spec.Ingress and App.Spec.Namespace

SHIPA-2985 Migration to remove App.Pool and App.Cluster

SHIPA-2984 Job - run Jobs using Environment

SHIPA-2969 Shipa-api to create correct network policy in cluster with respect to environements

SHIPA-2968 Move Framework CRD from ketch-types to shipa-controller

SHIPA-2967 Remove Framework CRD from ketch

SHIPA-2966 Shipa-controller to support environments

SHIPA-2965 Add cluster migration converting frameworks in cluster to configmap

SHIPA-2964 Configure ingress controller for ketch using ConfigMap

SHIPA-2925 Design environment management - dashboard