Activating Self-Managed Shipa


Shipa by Default is Free

By default, Shipa Self-Managed defaults to a free license tier. There is an activation process that is used for the validation of your admin email address. The license and activation are two separate processes.

Upgrade to a Specific License

When upgrading or installing fresh from the free tier, there is a need to pass in a License File. This will be provided by Shipa Sales / Customer Success. You can use Shipa CLI or Dashboard to upgrade license.

Upgrade existing installation:

shipa license update -f PATH-TO-SHIPA-LICENSE

To update using Dashboard open page at Settings and click on License tab.

For details see License Management.

Activation [Validation] Key

Once you head to the Shipa UI Dashboard for the first time, a valid email address is required to send the activation key. The Wizard will guide you through the activation e.g validation of the email address. The activation key will be sent to a valid e-mail address.



Create More Than One Super Admin

Like any piece of enterprise software that is installed on-prem, a good idea is to have more than one Shipa Super Admin. This can be handled via the Shipa CLI after initial installation.

shipa role assign AllowAll [email protected]