Application CNAME

Adding CNAME to Application

You can add a CNAME to an application using Shipa's dashboard and CLI.


You can create a CNAME using Shipa's dashboard by clicking on the Applications link of your Shipa dashboard. Once on the Applications page, click on the specific application and look for the Add Domain


This open the following options:


Scheme: offers you HTTP or HTTPS as options. If HTTPS is selected, Shipa will automatically create the certificate and bind it to the CNAME
CNAME: the CNAME address to bind to the application. Shipa does not manage your DNS provider, so you will also need to create the entry on your DNS provider.

  • CLI

To add a new CNAME, use the cname add command.

$ shipa cname add <cname> [<cname> ...] [-a/--app appname] [-e/--encrypt]

The command does not manage the DNS register. The user must first create the DNS register. Once the application contains a custom CNAME, it can be displayed by the app list and app info commands.


-a, --app(= "") application name
-e, --encrypt(= "") Shipa automatically creates a certificate, using LetsEncrypt, and serves the application through HTTPS

Removing CNAME from an Application

To remove a CNAME from an application, use the cname remove command.

$ shipa cname remove <cname> [<cname> ...] [-a/--app appname]

After removing the CNAME, the Shipa app list and app info commands display the internal address used by Shipa.


-a, --app(= "") application name