Alpha version

The Crossplane integration is currently in Alpha.

Crossplane brings Kubernetes-styled declarative and API-driven configuration and management to any piece of infrastructure, on-premises and in the cloud. Through this approach, infrastructure managed through Crossplane is accessible via kubectl, configurable with YAML, and self-healing right out of the box.

While this approach is great, to offer a complete platform for teams adopting a microservice architecture, an application and governance model is needed to standardize an application’s configuration settings so they can be deployed easily and safely across multiple environments, and that's where Shipa integrates with Crossplane.

By integrating with Crossplane, Shipa:

  • improves the developer experience when deploying applications by reducing complexity
  • enables a governance model through its frameworks
  • reduces complexity when deploying across multiple clusters since Crossplane points to Shipa, and Shipa will automatically deploy the applications across clusters
  • extends Crossplane reach by enabling developers to deploy across Kubernetes and Linux nodes