GitLab Issues

GitLab Issues is available as a pre-built integration in the Shipa dashboard. You can leverage this integration to configure hooks based on application-related events.

Integrating GitLab Issues and Shipa

You can set up the integration through the application details page using the Integrations tab.

By clicking on the + icon, you should see the following options:


Selecting GitLab and clicking on the Next button, you will need to enter the following information:




The name of the integration. The name is not tied to PagerDuty but a custom name you can choose.

Endpoint URL

The GitLab project endpoint Shipa should use when sending the alert.


Authorization Key

Your access tokens to authenticate with the API.

You can find detailed information on creating an access token here

Webhook Description

A meaningful description for your Shipa / PagerDutt integration so other users in your team can quickly understand the integration.


The Shipa team that will own the integration.


The severity level Shipa should use when creating tickets on GitLab issue for this hook.

Events to track

Which events you want Shipa to track for this application.

You can select multiple options.

Success only, Errors only, Any

The type of event you want Shipa to send the alert to Slack.

Once created, you will see the new GitLab Issues integration in the list of integrations, and Shipa will automatically start tracking the events you previously selected for your application.


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