Shipa Provider Install

You can manage the following resources using Shipa's provider for Pulumi:

  • Application management
  • Cluster management
  • Framework management

Using The Provider

You will need to install Pulumi if you have not done so. Pulumi does require you have an account with them.

Resource Plugin

Download Shipa's resource plugin for Pulumi using the following link:

Once downloaded, unpack the resource plugin and move it to the following path / being path accessible:

mv pulumi-resource-shipa $HOME/.pulumi/bin

Node.js packages

To start using the Shipa provider for Pulumi with Node.js, make sure you add the package to your environment. You can do it using the following Yarn commands:

yarn add @shipa-corp/pulumi
yarn add @pulumi/pulumi

Required Variables

Before running pulumi up, make sure you have exported the following variables: