Managing Applications Using The CLI


In this section of the Quickstart we'll explore how to manage applications using the CLI. Feel free to jump to the Managing Applications From The Web UI if you prefer using UIs instead. This CLI documentation section assumes you are already authenticated in the CLI.

Application management through Shipa is split into two actions; create and deploy. Creating an application means that we are creating a placeholder with all the parameters Shipa needs to deploy just the type of application we need. Once an application is created, we can deploy as many releases as we want.

Create An Application

We are going to create an application based on an existing container image. Please check the Deploying Applications section of the documentation if you prefer deploying applications directly from the source code or through some other means.

shipa app create devops-toolkit-cli

Now we are ready to deploy the first release of the application.

Deploy A Release Of The Application

Please execute the command that follows to deploy the first release of the application.

shipa app deploy --app devops-toolkit-cli --image vfarcic/devops-toolkit-series:2.7.0

After a few moments, the first release of the application should be up and running. We can confirm that by taking a look at the application info.

shipa app info --app devops-toolkit-cli

The output should present some of the most commonly needed information. Please copy the Address from the Ingress controllers section and paste it in your favorite browser to confirm that the application is indeed running.

Feel free to deploy a second release (you can use vfarcic/devops-toolkit-series:3.0.0 image). The shipa app deploy command should be the same except the value of the --image argument.


Please visit the Application Management section of the docs for more info.

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