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Shipa with Minikube

Minikube can also be used to quickly install Shipa and start deploying applications



Users can find detailed information on how to install Minikube by using link below:



Virtualbox can be downloaded by using the following link:

Note: Ensure that Virtualbox is installed prior to executing the instructions below.

After installing MiniKube and Virtualbox, it's time to get a cluster up and running by using the command below:

minikube start --kubernetes-version='v1.18.2' --memory='5gb' --disk-size='20gb' --driver=virtualbox

Once the cluster is running, download the Shipa Helm chart using the following command:

git clone

Access the downloaded folder and apply the Shipa Helm chart limits to your local cluster by using the following command:

kubectl apply -f limits.yaml

Next, update the chart dependencies by using the following command:

helm dep up

With dependencies updated, proceed to install Shipa by using the following command:

helm install shipa . \
--timeout=15m \
[email protected] \
--set=auth.adminPassword=shipa2020 \
--set=shipaCore.serviceType=ClusterIP \
--set=shipaCore.ip= \
--set=service.nginx.serviceType=ClusterIP \


Install process

Shipa installs its services in the default namespace of your local clusters.

To check its progress, run kubectl get pods.

Once the dashboard-web-1-x service is running, Shipa is ready to be used!

With Shipa installed and running, the next step is to add route to the ngnix ingress. To do this, use the following command:

sudo route -n add -host -net $(minikube ip )

Now, add the route to the Traefik ingress:

sudo route -n add -host -net $(minikube ip )

Once the route to ngnix and Traefik have been added, next add your local Shipa instance as a target to your Shipa CLI:

shipa target-add -s shipa-v101


Shipa CLI Download

Users can download the Shipa CLI by using this link

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Shipa with Minikube

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