SMTP (E-Mail) Configuration

To configure e-mail notifications and e-mail password-based resets, SMTP will need to be configured.

As an admin, Shipa -> Settings -> Messaging

EmailEmail address to send from. e.g "[email protected]"
PasswordEmail address password.
SMTP HostHost address e.g ""
SMTP PortThe SMTP Port e.g 495
Authentication TypePlain, Login, MD5
Option: Enable TLSLeverage TLS

Sample Google Based E-Mail Credentials

If leveraging a Google based e-mail account e.g GMail or Google Enterprise, you can leverage these settings to send via Google SMTP.

Email[email protected]
PasswordCreate an App Password in your Google Account. Google will block the use of your actual Google Password.
SMTP Port587
Auth TypeLogin
Enable TLS:Checked/True

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