Upgrading Clusters

You can upgrade clusters connected to Shipa every time our control plane determines that some of the controllers running on them should be updated. Such upgrades ensure that users enjoy our latest features and important bug fixes.

When clusters are eligible to be upgraded, Shipa's Dashboard displays a visual indication (a blue tag stating "Upgrade Available") next to their name to let users know that such a cluster can upgrade all/some their internal Shipa components.


To upgrade a cluster, locate the desired cluster and click on the Actions icon. Select the option Upgrade


A prompt will appear on the screen describing the pods that will be upgraded from Shipa's control plane. Confirm the operation by clicking the button "Yes!".


The upgrade should take around 30-60 secs to complete, and the dashboard should inform you when the operation has finished.

Once done, the cluster details should report that all components are up-to-date, and the cluster is no longer eligible for an upgrade